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Cherry Kissed Events is a full service event planning company that consists of the expert advice and creative skills that Kendall Burley and Nicole Johnson have learned through years of experience and a passion for entertaining. Kendall and Nicole will both be involved and available for all packages as a unified team. They are ready to work hard to make your event glamorous, fun, and unforgettable.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Christmas is almost here and I have been keeping myself very busy. On top of expecting my baby girl around New Years Day, I have joined a professional Christmas caroling group. My first gig is at a mall tomorrow. I am also scheduled to sing at my church the 22nd and the Christmas Eve service. And my son is 14 months old right now and he keeps me very busy all day long. It is getting harder and harder to carry him around with my huge belly!  I have decided not to decorate my house this year to save myself all the stress but I have my mom hosting Christmas this year and I will live through her tree and decorations.

I am also busy planning a big Disco themed fundraiser for Stand Up Placer. You can learn more about them here: and more about the event here:

I am very excited to partner with such an awesome non-proft and I know the evening is going to be tons of fun.

Now back to Christmas, I have a few baking "parties" this week and I was doing research on recipes and other Christmas inspiration.  Money is tight this year so I was also looking into DIY gifts.  I already made 3 adorable stockings for some family members.  I have a few more gifts I will be making on Monday.  Check out all the ideas I found on my pinterest board:

If I dont post again before Christmas, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. I might have a new baby soon and I might not be able to post again until after the New Year!