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Cherry Kissed Events is a full service event planning company that consists of the expert advice and creative skills that Kendall Burley and Nicole Johnson have learned through years of experience and a passion for entertaining. Kendall and Nicole will both be involved and available for all packages as a unified team. They are ready to work hard to make your event glamorous, fun, and unforgettable.

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I love Easter, not only is it one of the most important days in history but it has been made fun by doing random things with eggs! Dying them, decorating them, hunting for them and more. Here's some inspiration to bring Easter into your homes. Click each picture to find out more.

 Decorating for Easter.

 Easter Crafts and Favors

The Hunt is on...


63 ways to dye an egg including natural ways, like these eggs:) !

Looking to get out on a hunt? Here's what is going on locally in Roseville for Easter!

Hope your Easter is blessed and full of fun surprises!  Happy hunting in this humble time ~Nicole